Growing in 2021: How to Make This Year Count

Let’s teleport back to this time last year. What were you looking forward to in the year ahead? What life plans had you made? Chances are, your hopes for 2020 didn’t go exactly as planned. 

Now that we’ve just about adjusted to our ‘new normal’, this year is the perfect time to really focus on yourself and be the best ‘you’ you can be. One of the foundations of hitting our goals is to foster the right mindset and create an environment that helps keep your momentum going through the ups and downs.

Below are a few of our favorite tips to grow in 2021.

Nurture Your Relationships

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s the importance of friends and family, as well as the value of a strong support system. For us to grow as individuals, it’s important to surround ourselves, physically or virtually, with people who are going to hold us accountable and motivate us to be better. Unfortunately, with lockdowns, office closures, and social distancing enforced, keeping in touch with those special people has been challenging. 

As Chris Prentiss, author of “The Laws of Love: Creating the Relationship of Your Dreams,” puts it, “A relationship is like a garden. To create a condition that will cause your plants to thrive and produce abundantly, you must weed, water, fertilize, and care.” In 2021, make it a point to reply to texts, return phone calls, and take the initiative to reach out to friends and family who you haven’t heard from in a while. This little bit of effort will help keep yourself connected to the special people in your life. 

Special Tip for Tower Gardeners

There are plenty of ways to include friends, family, and your local community on your gardening journey. Members of the Tower Garden community are always sharing their stories — stories about cooking delicious Tower Garden recipes for family with freshly picked produce, letting younger family members plant a new crop, and sharing excess harvests with neighbors. Let us know your stories and ideas by joining our Tower to Table Facebook Group! 

Plant a Healthy Diet

Of course, at Tower Garden, healthy living and clean eating are extremely important to us. But that’s not the only reason we included this specific tip on our list. For many years, scientists, dietitians, and nutritionists have studied the link between what we eat and how our bodies respond. As it turns out, there’s a direct correlation between eating right and staying productive throughout the year. 

According to Harvard Business Review, “fruits and vegetables contain vital nutrients that foster the production of dopamine, a neurotransmitter that plays a key role in the experience of curiosity, motivation, and engagement.” Does this mean no more burgers? Of course not, but working some of these productivity superfoods — like spinach and eggplant — into your daily diet can keep your morale and energy high when you need it most. 

Spinach is an excellent source of vitamin K, vitamin A, vitamin C, and folate. In terms of productivity, this green can significantly improve learning capacity and memory. It’s also  incredibly versatile in the kitchen. So much so that Cooking Light found 40 different ways to use fresh spinach. But the best part? Growing spinach with Tower Garden is easier than ever. Learn how

Technically a berry, eggplant is often used in cooking. But found in the skin of an eggplant is the antioxidant nasunin, which helps improve focus and communication between your brain cells. Cooking with eggplant is also simple. Just try out this easy ratatouille recipe. You can find some great tips for growing eggplant on your Tower Garden here

Create a Space That Facilitates Growth

Our final tip for experiencing growth in 2021 relates to shifting things around a bit in your home. More than 40% of all working adults in the U.S. are working from home, according to a recent Stanford University article. We can only assume that this trend will continue as the workforce gets more comfortable with the idea of working remotely. 

Scientists and interior designers both agree that there are certain features and simple home improvements that we can implement to build spaces designed for optimal productivity. We’ve listed a few of our favorite ideas below. 

3 Interior Design Tips for Productivity

Using Plants & Gardens Indoors

Searches for houseplants and indoor gardens have increased dramatically since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Just ask Google Trends. While part of this is due to people having more time to start new projects, another motivation may be the impact plants have on our productivity. A U.K. study found that bringing plants or indoor gardens into the workplace increased productivity by 15%. So it’s no surprise why more gardeners are setting up their Tower Garden inside their home or home offices!

Invest in LED Lights

WeWork, a global leader in the coworking space industry, knows a thing or two about the links between productivity and design. In the early stages of the company, they spent millions in R&D to understand the design elements that allowed employees to work at their highest standard for longer. In a recent article describing the most effective office lights, WeWork mentions that LED lights not only save money due to their energy efficiency, but they also can reduce migraines or headaches that fluorescent lights can cause. 

Growing indoors with Tower Garden’s LED Grow Lights can help you reap these LED benefits. 

Choose the Right Color

Another important aspect of interior design with respect to productivity is color. Since color is subjective, there is no one color that boosts productivity more than others. With that said, scientists have found that ‘color harmony’ is a big contributor to how comfortable and effective workspaces are. In short, try and fill your workspace with neutral, aesthetically pleasing color combinations rather than bright, funky pops of color. 

Making 2021 Your Year

Regardless of what 2021 holds, it’s important to do everything you can to make it a happy and productive year. Luckily, we’ve shared some simple tips for making 2021 your most productive year yet!


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